I want to join one of your workshops. What do I do now?


Let me know via info@tuuliasyvanen.com and my partner Pete will send you an invoice. Once you’ve paid the invoice, you’re registered for the workshop. A few weeks before the workshop begins, you and the other registered participants will receive from us an introductory welcome letter, which will contain more practical information about the workshop.


Do you offer RH workshops for beginners?


Any workshop not listed as “Advanced” is open to anyone attending his or her first workshop.


Can you suggest how I can prepare myself before attending a workshop?


Yes. I suggest reading Dr. Brad Blanton’s books Radical Honesty (particularly the introduction andchapters 1 & 4-8) and/or Practicing Radical Honesty (particularly the introduction and chapters 2, 6, 9).


I want you to come lead a workshop in my city. Are you open to doing that?


Yes. In fact, many of the workshops I lead are in the locations where they are because a local requested I lead a workshop in her/his city.


What is the program of a weekend workshop?


My weekend workshops include learning by theory and through group discussions on how to be Radically Honest. We also do group and paired exercises and work with whatever is arising within the group. Sharing sensations, feelings and experiences with the group in the moment they are arising is an important part of the workshop. We make a few basic commitments in the workshop about how we want to work together (such as, to tell the truth, to ask others to do so and to ask for what we want—even though there is no guarantee we will get what we want). Participants can express worry, anger, embarrassment, appreciation, etc. which may involve yelling or swearing—or might not.


I heard something about people having to get naked at RH workshops. Is that true? And if so, what’s that all about?


At the 8-day Intensive Workshop and at the 3-day Advanced Workshop with the theme “Body Shame, Naked Work and Sexuality,” we indeed get naked. We each take turns standing nude before the group and talk about our bodies and our sexual histories. We do this as part of an exercise to help us get over any shame we may have about our bodies and/or sexuality. At my RH retreats in Finland, the sauna is available every evening for all who want to use it. While no one is required to go to the sauna or to get naked in the sauna, I believe doing so can be very empowering experience. Otherwise, at other RH workshops I lead, we keep our clothes on.


How many people participate in one of your RH workshops?


Typically, we have between 10 and 16 participants in addition to myself and (usually) Pete. And sometimes someone else may assist me with the facilitating. At our residential workshops, we usually have one or two cooks who also participate in the sessions.


What is the age range of the participants in your RH workshops?


Generally, participants are in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s (and occasionally older).


Do more men or more women participate in your workshops?


In most of my workshops, generally an equal number of men and women participate. Sometimes, more women attend; sometimes, more men.


In what language is the workshop conducted?


At all my workshops, the language used is English, except for my workshops in Helsinki where the language is Finnish.


English is not my first language and I make myself nervous that my level of English comprehension is low. Will I still benefit from the workshop?


I believe so. I think that each time a workshop participant has posed this question to me, the person then went on to get a lot out of the workshop. Nevertheless, I have previously worked in workshops where a translator of the local language assited me.


Can I attend with my partner / friend / parent / child?


You are more than welcome to attend a workshop with a loved one. I believe that participating in a workshop together can transform your relationship for the better. You will learn tools to help you relate better and deeper. Couples and friends frequently do attend together. You're welcome to attend with your adult child (the workshops are not suitable for people under 18 years old). And couples, look out for our RH Couples Retreat.


What happens after the workshop?


We stay in touch via a closed Facebook group or a Gmail group. We continue to share with and support each other.


How do you prefer that I pay?


Preferably, via bank transfer (IBAN number: NL23 ABNA 0477924190, account holder's name: Tuulia Syvanen).


Can I pay via PayPal?


Yes, you can do so via www.paypal.me/TuuliaS .


Can I pay via a third-party site like Eventbrite?


Yes, payment for many of my workshops can also be made via Eventbrite. On the WORKSHOPS page, to pay via Eventbrite, click on the workshop's button that reads "CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS." (Note: To avoid paying Eventbrite's added fees, you can pay directly to me via bank transfer (see above).)